Age Policy

Teen Games & EventsWe welcome all teens from 13-17 years old to attend Big Bad Con 2018. We are happy to announce the new Teen Games & Events Track for young gamers! Big Bad Con supports roleplaying games for all ages. We believe that young gamers need age-appropriate games, and all gamers should play in an environment where they feel comfortable expressing themselves freely.

To attend teens will need a permission form signed by a parent or guardian. This can be filled out in advance or at the con!

Hotel Age Requirements

All guests ages 13-20 must be accompanied by an adult who is 21 or older when checking in.
All guests ages 13-14 must be attended to by an adult who is 21 or older throughout their stay.

Teen events rules

  • Teens are anyone 13-17 years of age*
  • Teens are welcome to attend either with their parent or guardian or on their own as long as they have a signed consent form from their parent or guardian
  • Teens can sign up for events marked Teens and All Ages
  • Games marked Teens are open only to teens for the first two weeks of registration. After which, they are open to everyone.

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*For gamers under 13, we highly recommend the regional conventions KublaCon and DundraCon, which sponsor family-friendly roleplaying events, as well as game stores in the area such as EndGame and Games of Berkeley that sponsor events at their stores.