Big Bad Game Jam 2019

Let’s make games inspired by and about FOLK TALES & FABLES! We can play them at Big Bad Con, a tabletop and live action gaming convention featuring fantastic games and even better company- happening in Oakland, CA October 10th – 13th, 2019!

Join the game jam on

Important Details:

Submissions Open: April 13th, 2019
Submissions Due: May 31st, 2019


  • Be inspired by fables, folk tales and fairy tales
  • Follow BBC community standards (no hate, discrimination or harassment will be tolerated, though games addressing or exploring these in a serious and respectful way are allowed)
  • Make any kind of game you like- ttrpg, larp, video game, journaling, etc.


After the jam closes, games creators who have opted to include will be collected into an Anthology and sold, with proceeds going towards our scholarship and sponsorship funds—which will help us bring folks to the convention! Including your game in the Anthology is optional and you can still offer your game for sale on and other platforms.

If you want to add your game to the Anthology, once you submit it on Itch, can you also email a pdf to This way I’ll be able to assemble the Anthology once the jam is over.


Big Bad Jam has retained James Mendez Hodes as your cultural consultant!

Mendez is on call to help jam participants portray diverse identities and sensitive topics in their games. Got questions about research, respect, or representation? Not sure where to start with a historical, cultural, or religious topic you’re interested in, but don’t know well? Want someone to look over your game? Contact Mendez via email at lula.vampiro at gmail dot com, Mastodon at, or Twitter at @LulaVampiro; or post in the Big Bad Con Discord server’s #bigbadjam channel!

The Big Bad Game jam organized by DC, Jenn & Nathan- if you have any questions, feel free to email or @ us on Twitter @DungeonCommandr @JennMartin80 and @NathanBlack.

Babble On Equity Project

From DC, the BOEP Director:

The Babble On Equity Project exists to provide marginalized people equity.

We’re starting with the tabletop roleplaying game community where the Babble On discord community was born. And we’re taking on one of the biggest challenges in the TTRPG industry: bringing out people of color to conventions, where we are often in small number. Conventions have a reputation for being unsafe for not only people of color, but also women, femmes, non-men, queer folx, neurodivergent individuals, and people with disabilities. However, one convention has earned a reputation that challenges these issues head-on.

Big Bad Con, in Walnut Creek, California.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 to bring out as many people of color as possible. Many of these people are designers, but many are also community leaders, fantastic players, game masters, and artists. All of whom deserve the opportunity to experience a convention that treats people well both in general, and in consideration of their background.


Reinforcing Our Commitment to Safer Community

In light of the recent revelations about Zak S by Mandy Morbid, Big Bad Con staff wish to publicly reinforce our commitment as a convention and community to creating safer, more inclusive space.

We regularly revisit our community standards to ensure our community is a place where all can come and enjoy themselves, and we have clear public statements of those standards. Abuse and harassment are never welcome at Big Bad Con.

We support Mandy. We believe her and the others who have made statements of their experiences. We have decided to formally state that Zak S is not allowed to attend our convention in any capacity, nor are any of his games to be part of our formal schedule. While we take no issue with people deciding to play his games as a personal choice, we feel it is vital to our community commitment not to promote a known abuser, and we will not give his games a platform at our convention.

This statement made in solidarity with Mandy’s original statement (CN: abuse, DV, SA)

Any questions or comments about how we can continue to evolve and improve community standards can be directed to

Big Bad Con 2018 Metatopia Scholarship

Inspired by IGDN and in cooperation with Double Exposure, Big Bad Con is sending game designer Jackson Tegu to Metatopia to playtest his game Silver and White.

Metatopia is held each November in Morristown, NJ. It’s a place where designers can find educational panels, get professional feedback on their game, and develop a larger sense of community. The scholarship covers travel, lodging, and a conference badge so that designers can show off their games and make connections with industry professionals.

In the past Big Bad Con has supported the IGDN Sponsorship enabling Jeeyon Shim (2017) and Roe Nix (2016) to attend. We’re excited to see more amazing designers have a chance to playtest their games at Metatpoia!

Big Bad Con is next week – here’s how to prepare!

You’re coming to Big Bad Con! Awesome. Before you get on the road, here’s a few things to know about the con:

Support FBCCS! Bring non-perishable food

Big Bad Con collects food for the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano County as part of our community outreach. The FBCCS provides food to over 190,000 people per month. You can support them by bringing out non-perishable food (especially items on this shopping list) to the con.

Get into more games

During the con if you want to add an event or need to cancel out of one (please only do so if you really can’t make it), you can do so from either your mobile device or one of the kiosk computers we have set up at the registration desk. You can also stay connected with our Discord server!

You can also stop by the Contra Costa room to play in Games on Demand. There’s a variety of systems to choose from! You can see the full list of games on offer and GMs running them online. Start times are listed here, but remember to show up about 10 minutes early to get into a game.

How to get to the con

Big Bad Con is hosted in the Walnut Creek Marriott. Depending on where you’re coming from, there are several ways to get to us.

Driving: the hotel is right off Interstate 680. Get driving directions here. Note that parking is normally $23/day, but the convention rate is $10/day. Not all of the valets may be aware of the rate reduction but the hotel staff will make sure you’re billed the discounted rate.

Flying: Depending on your flight, you might be landing in either Oakland International Airport (OAK) or San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Both airports have BART (subway) stations attached to them, so you can hop on a train and go to the hotel!

Public Transportation: If at all possible we recommend taking BART to get to the hotel. The Walnut Creek Station is a 12-minute walk away, or you can call the hotel shuttle service (925-934-2000) for a pickup.

For more information about getting to the hotel and to book a room, check out the Hotel page.

Need assistance? Here’s how to get in touch

There will be volunteers (wearing yellow handkerchiefs) in all the major event areas and at the registration desk. If you need assistance or run into any trouble, they are there to help!

If you want to contact the staff, feel free to email us at or call (510) 646-0073. We’re around all con long!

Community standards

Everyone at the con (attendees, volunteers, vendors, staff, and GMs) must adhere to the Community Standards policy.

The con is open to all attendees 13 and older. Guests 13-17 will need waiver signed by a parent or guardian when they pick up their badge. More information here.

Staying healthy and happy during the con

In the excitement of gaming it is easy to forget some of the basics. The 3-2-1 rule is a good one. Every day you need at least 3 hours of sleep, 2 meals, and 1 shower. We also have a quiet room (room 599) available if you need a little quiet time as well!

Up for some exercise? The Wolf Run is open to all who can stumble out of bed by 7AM. It’s our opportunity to not only get in some exercise, but also bring a little more aid to Doctors Without Borders, via the Crowdrise fundraiser!

So excited! See you at the con!