Sophie Lagacé (she/her) has been gaming for so long that she thinks of THAC0 as “that new-fangled acronym.” She likes playing, game-mastering, organizing, reviewing, tinkering with, and writing about tabletop games, especially role-playing games.

She has written for Atlas Games, Evil Hat Productions, Generic Games, Vigilance Press, and ZombieSmith, and is currently working on game supplements for Vigilance Press and Atlas Games.

She also is the Fate line developer and project manager for Evil Hat Productions.

Twitter: @MechanteAnemone
Website: The Reef

Jenn (she/her) is a maker, editor, writer, game designer, project manager and geek parent. She has a metaphorical hat collection and wouldn’t have it any other way. She keeps her feet on the ground as the Larp Coordinator for Big Bad Con– where safety and care are central values. She keeps her head in the stars making games about space, curiosity and exploration. You might know her from her time as a host on the Jank Cast or as a member of the leadership team of Indie+.

Twitter: @jennmartin80

E.T. (they/them) is the Pacific Northwest’s current Indie Games on Demand specialist. Based in Seattle, they act as the 2019 Volunteer Coordinator for Go Play NW  and coordinate local Indie Games on Demand events. They’re passionate about increasing accessibility in convention spaces and iterating on the Indie Games on Demand model to meet the needs of different events and audiences. In their remaining time, they bake bread professionally and practice kung fu and tai chi.

Brian (he/him) is a gamer, writer, and cook based in Portland, OR. A huge fan of the Powered by the Apocalypse system, he likes to try out other versions but finds comfort in coming back home to Dungeon World at the end of the day. Spends times dreaming and executing on new recipes in his free time, and also finding ways to create food based tributes to the geeky things he loves.

Twitter: @Brivo

Ash Cheshire (they/them) has been a Big Bad Con GM since the beginning, and a staff member for a couple of years, and they couldn’t be more excited. Ash is committed to helping make BBC even more inclusive and awesome for all gamers.

Twitter: @divinecheshire

Kristine’s (she/her) nerd education began early. Each month, her father returned from his Naval reserves with a stack of Marvel comics that turned into a tradition of reading them aloud together. When she wasn’t absorbing Doctor Who on PBS, she was out gallivanting at the local arcade or rollerskating until dark. She can be mercurial with what catches her fancy, but current loves include: music, old school snail mail, hockey, 케이팝, learning Tagalog, video games, board games, and RPGs. Geek highlights of her life include: watching the original Star Wars films on opening day, even skipping school for ESB, walking the red carpet at the world premiere of Serenity and attending the after party, and attending the final KITH tapings at the CBC. As the GeekGirlCon Director of Outreach, she works to improve inclusion at their events and also helps run RPGs for the GeekGirlScouts. She wishes she had a portal to Austin for kolaches and breakfast tacos, but currently lives in a bamboo grove in Puget Sound with her husband.

IG: GermanCityGirl
Twitter: @GermanCityGirl
Tumblr: The 8 Hour Gamer

Colin Fahrion (he/him) is an artist, designer, web developer, shenaniganizer, Doer, and overall dapper individual. His artistic journey has let him to be a key organizer for several collaborative art events both large and small — SF Tweed, Balsa Man, All Worlds Fair, Fallen Cosmos — as well as participate in other shenanigans. He is on the board of the San Francisco Institute of Possibility arts organization whose goal it is to help “create a sustainable ecology of art” in the Bay Area. He is an avid gamer and has played (and GMed) a huge variety of boardgames, tabletop roleplaying games, story games, and LARPs of various stripes. He has also dabbled in game design with MPDG LARPWedding, The LARP (both co-designed with Tess Aquarium) and The Raver and the Bear.

Twitter: @colinaut

DC (they/them) is a queer Black non-binary game designer from the SF Bay Area. Their goal is to uplift marginalized voices in the ttrpg community and beyond. Currently, they are working to expand and enhance the scholarship program.

Twitter: @DungeonCommandr

Anne Faye is a pronoun-flexible wheelchair user and poly-nerd from San Francisco. Missions include “helping conventions be more disability-inclusive”, “disaster preparedness”, “gaming”, “science fiction”, and “eating all the cheese”

Twitter: @feyandstrange

Karen Twelves (she/her) is a gamer, editor, linguist, and improvisational actor and instructor. She regularly teaches Improv for Gamers in the Bay Area and beyond, and at conventions can usually be found GMing at Games on Demand. Her book Improv for Gamers was released in 2018.

Twitter: @ktwelves

Jeremy Tidwell (he/him) is a game player, game designer, software developer, photographer, and general nerd-about-town. He has written Companions, a social fiction about the feelings of time travellers, and has collaborated on several Mage 2nd Edition products for White Wolf. He is quite affable, and occasionally smells of lychee fruit!

Twitter: @jeremy_tidwell

(He/him) I’m helping with the Community Standards. I’m super happy to be here helping out. I’m a factotum, bouncing from job to job. I’ve done everything from working in tech as a project manager to working the door at bars to working the floor at Wizard World Comic Cons.

I play a lot of games and I’m heavily involved in the indie video game scene here in Austin, TX with the Juegos Rancheros crew. But my first true gaming love is tabletop RPGs. I also spent 7 years in boffer larps.

In my spare time I’m a photographer and a stunt man. The best stunt bit I’ve done was a gritty Super Smash Bros Mario vs Luigi battle

Twitter: @nathanblack

Mickey Schulz (she/her) is a Geek Blogger with (lots) more than 10 years experience running SF/F conventions and games. She blogs at about gaming, comics, movies, TV and books, from a feminist perspective. She has also taught Safer Sex classes for people re-entering the dating scene. She lives in the Seattle area with several fish, three cats, two housemates, one dog, and one husband. She is a firm believer in the Oxford Comma.

Twitter: @GeekGirlsRule
Website: Geek Girls Rule!

Jeeyon Shim (she/her) is a nonwhite, queer roleplaying game designer from both coasts of the continental United States. She’s lived in Oakland, California for about a decade and the greater Bay area for even longer, where she teaches wilderness survival skills and land connection through larping. Her work focuses on bridging the alienation modern urban people often feel from the land and their roots, examining the overlap of race dynamics in land access and larp access, and immersion in the sacred aspects of (re)connecting with the land.

Twitter:  @jeeyonshim

Mendez (he/him) is a martial artist, cultural consultant, professional game master, writer, editor, and poet whom you might know from role-playing games such as 7th Sea, Scion, and Thousand Arrows; or from essays like “Orcs, Britons, and the Martial Race Myth” and “May I play a character from another race?” He has an academic background in West African religion, Eastern classics, dance, and English literature. His interests include hip hop, weird invertebrates, and collecting stuffed animals. He lives in the greater New York metropolitan area on traditional Lenape land.

Twitter: @LulaVampiro

Shantih Moriarty (she/her) has been attending BBC for seven years. An avid rpg fan from her early years (D&D in a box, anyone?), she was introduced to board games by rpg geeks who were also addicted to cubes. And what better place to try and share cube addiction then her favorite gaming convention! Born in San Jose but lived pretty much everywhere, Shantih is a Real Estate agent in Silicon Valley and before that was involved in the book industry.

Adrienne’s (she/her) been in love with RPGs since she discovered an abandoned Red Box at the age of 14. She enjoys tabulating spreadsheets almost as much as she enjoys gaming.

Andy (he/him) is a cis-het-white-male who’s tired of his own demographic dominating gaming spaces. Through his work with GeekGirlCon, The GeekGirlScouts, and Big Bad Con, he’s tried to bring the thrill of RPGs and Story Games to anyone he can reach. He’s very fortunate in having amazing friends and colleagues helping him in this endeavor. Also, he was once transformed into a dwarven puppet for four hours; ask him about it someday.

Andy lives in his own head, which is located in Seattle.

Twitter: @germancity

Eric Mersmann (he/him) is a larpwright, game designer, and consultant. His work focuses on collaborative & experience-first design, with a focus on short test, learn, adapt iterative cycles. Also werewolves. You can find his work at and follow him on Twitter and Instagram if you’re into that sort of thing.

Twitter: @presenteric
Instagram: @presenteric

Sean (he/him) is a system administrator, event coordinator, twitch streamer, podcaster, project manager, and fundraiser. He started gaming at age 12 and he’s never stopped.

Sean’s passion is bringing people together to play games, explore identity, build rapport, and learn. He loves Big Bad Con.

Twitter: @seannittner

Elsa S. Henry (she/her) is a one eyed Scandinavian horror writer & game designer living in New Jersey with two cats, a husband and a hound dog. She is the creator of Feminist Sonar & Feminist Sonar Live, where she has become a well known disability advocate. Her work in the game design world includes Dead Scare, Wraith 20th Anniversary edition, Dracula Dossier, and Fate Accessible. She was an Industry Insider at Gen Con 2015, is the Community Manager for, and does disability access coordination for all the Double Exposure Cons.

Twitter : @snarkbat
Website: Feminist Sonar

Staff Emeritus

Tess Aquarium (she/her) is an artist, gamer, designer and mermaid living in San Francisco. She spends her time encouraging DIY creativity, DIY glamour, and DIY fun in all that she does: whether she is teaching teenagers tech fashion, collaborating on immersive performance art pieces and LARPs, making fabulous costumes (and wearing them!), mermaid wrangling, leading a pack of children and adults in making tutus, leading a troop of Jr Rangers, running a MPDG LARP Sparkling, ramifying ridiculous etiquette for, or organizing a fabulous picnic for her Prim & Proper Ladies’ Etiquette Society!

Twitter: @tessaquarium

Jory (she/her) does a lot of things, including technical theater, roller derby, and blues dancing.

Twitter: @JoryBowers

Devon (he/him) is a gamer, web developer, and former literature scholar. A member of Dreams of Deirdre, a Bay Area LARP troupe, Devon has written or contributed to LARPs set in the Forgotten Realms, Dresden Files, Star Wars, and many other established or new settings. He also enjoys malachite, comedy, tacos, and music parodies.

Twitter: @devonapple

Christopher Ory (he/him) believes in wizards.