Tell Me About Your Character

Tell Me About Your Character: Nathan Black at the boothBorrowing a wonderful idea from the fine folks at Double Exposure, Big Bad Con will once again have a “Tell Me About Your Character” booth to raise money for Doctors Without Borders/MSF.

This is your chance to shamelessly go on and on (and on) about your favorite character, gaming session, rules mechanics, or any other gaming related topic you’re excited about.

Five minutes of our volunteer’s enthusiastic attention can be yours for a $5 donation to Doctors Without Borders. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Do you have a favorite story you can’t wait to tell? Bring it here. Do the accounts of Grimlord the Barbarian need your bardic tongue to do them justice? Bring it here. Should we all know about your daring heist to recover the scroll of Anuba? You get the idea.

Volunteers: Should you wish to sign up to hear these tales of glory and defeat, get free admission to the con, and help save lives all at the same time, you can sign up to do so here.


Tell Me MORE About Your Character

We will once again have artists-in-residence for Big Bad Con 2018, who will draw a portrait of your character, for a suggested donation of $10 or more. You will be able to keep the finished drawing at the end of the session, and your donation for the session goes entirely to Doctors Without Borders. Our artists this year are Sandy Jacobs-Tolle, Adi Elkin, and John Sheldon.

Scarlett_runandgun_medium Sandy Jacobs-Tolle is an artist and illustrator whose portfolio and published work history can be found at Her illustrations have been published in several games.
Character by Adi Elkin Adi Elkin is an illustrator, a comics artist, and a professional retro addict. The custom art print she made for Big Bad Con is available as Kicktarter add-on. Her art can be found at
John W. Sheldon is an illustrator and designer whose work you can see at He runs the unCommon Adventure Gallery (, which makes illustrations available for free with a Creative Commons license.

Tips for Getting the Best Portrait

  • Give yourself a few moments to clearly picture your character in your mind’s eye before your allotted time starts.
  • Use precise, descriptive words and phrases about your character’s features, personal items, and aspect. Example: is your character’s “big” nose broad, or long, or is it both? Assume the artist has NEVER seen a given film or TV actor, comic book hero, or video game character when describing your character.
  • Your character’s default mental or emotional state can make for an interesting and fun portrait. “Exasperated,” “grimly smiling,” “intelligent curiosity,” or “mildly puzzled” are all good hooks for illustration.
  • Our artists will draw scary portraits, but will not draw extreme gore, pornography, or socially/ideologically offensive images and words.
  • If you have your own image sample you’d like the artist to work with to do their own interpretation, that’s great. The artists won’t directly copy someone else’s art.

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